Autumn in Garajonay


Would you like to be part of a fairytale?

Entering the Garajonay National Park invariably makes you feel you are part of it, you feel captivated in every corner… and this is especially true in the autumn!

In autumn, the woods echo Mother Nature and start to change. After the summer lethargy, they begin to awaken, bedecking the different shades of green with the arrival of rainfall. The autumn light accompanies this scene, giving each corner, each moss and each trunk a special lustre, enhancing the colours of the park even more.   With the first rainfall, the mushrooms add to the spectacle with their different tones, breaking up the characteristic green colour of the Garajonay.


Laurisilva is vegetation made up by evergreen trees, so you will not find massive leaf fall like in other species and latitudes.  To the delight of walkers, the leaves covering the paths are remains of leaves that have accumulated year after year, painting the ground with ochre and reddish colours while nourishing the soil with organic material.

The woodland scenery is never amiss of mists which appear and disappear on the scene in a dance led by the breeze, a witness to the predominating trade winds of the Islands.

Travellers sometimes ask if it is advisable to walk around the park with mist and rain, and the answer is definitely yes. Not only is it advisable, it is a must! Especially this time of year, you can enjoy their presence in the park. They are responsible for the survival of these millenary woods and the supply of water to the Island. 5 brooks carry water in Garajonay all year round; the biggest and most spectacular is the Cedro Creek.

El Cedro-Garajonay

The fairytales we loved as children always took place in woods, with strange sounds, moss and lichens hanging from the trees, mists encircling the characters and we could even imagine the fragrances.  So why not experience it now? Touring the park in autumn will take you back to those moments of childhood; a smile will accompany you along the walk because you will relive the thrill you felt when you read or were told a fairytale as a child.

Yes, the Park in autumn is something completely different, another childhood fairytale but this time with you as the central character.

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