Five natural pools in Tenerife worth visiting


Luxury swims in small packages

Just like good things come in small packages, many ocean and swimming enthusiasts prefer a nice natural pool than the large extensions of our notoriously excellent beaches. This is a small selection of some of these pools in Tenerife which are undoubtedly well worth a visit. There are more, many more, with tricky or hazardous accesses, and if that is not to your liking, it is best to forget any alternative lists. The ones shown here are real gems which are unlikely to disappoint you; a treat for the family.

Piscina Natural de El Pris (Tacoronte)


One of the most traditional fishing hubs of the northern coast of Tenerife not only features a series of restaurants to enjoy seafood near the Fishermen’s Guild, but also a natural pool with different swimming and fishing options for all ages, not to mention the views of Mount Teide and the northern coastline. Of course, a visit to El Pris without enjoying the seafood seems a waste but, if what you are looking for is a refreshing swim where you can take in the essence of the island’s lifelong alliance with the Atlantic, this spot is unbeatable and emblematic. Sea conditions permitting, the protected pool allows swimming almost all year round. Plus, on a calm day, you can swim from the pool to the open sea in one of the most popular and attractive spots of this part of northern Tenerife.

Charco de La Laja (San Juan de la Rambla)

IMG_0836 (1)

Right in the heart of the old town of San Juan de la Rambla, with its attractive heritage, praised climate and excellent restaurants, La Laja has long been a perfect example of a well-tended natural pool for swimming, which is very popular with locals, islanders and tourists who find it the perfect clinch for a day out in this charming town that has knowingly combined respect for the past with modern advances.   The pool features attractive stonework on the access stairs and solarium. The pool itself is a veritable gem, although you need to be careful in rough conditions as the sea swell and waves can sometimes prompt an unnecessary fright. But if you visit here, you are bound to come back.

Charco Verde (La Guancha)


Almost reminiscent of the Little Prince, this charming spot is not widely known but, although access is difficult, it really is worth the trip. It is found in the northern borough of La Guancha, just before Charco del Viento if you are coming in direction of La Orotava valley. It is signposted with a narrow lane taking us to a place where we can park at the end of the road. Then, walking along a narrow path, we can take in the contrasts of this spot, with banana plantations, views of Mount Teide, a steep cliff and the impressive ocean below. The path meanders along the hillside in an area where you can encounter hunters training their dogs alongside fishermen.  To the left of the cape, beside a sea inlet with spectacular cave, we eventually reach an incredible spot. It is a double pool protected by capricious rock formations created by lava, one allowing the water to flow in and another which turns into a cascade when the sea is rough. The colours, crystal-clear water and peace make this a heavenly oasis.

El Caletón (Garachico)

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Beside the beach of Garachico with its impressive historical centre and heritage, the natural pools of El Caletón are a must for those who love swimming in the ocean. With different spots to jump in, El Caletón features a main sea inlet where you can dive head first.  The other adjacent pools have different water temperatures and all of them offer excellent views of the famous Garachico stack and the old town centre, highlighted by the church tower and the nearby San Miguel castle. Plus, right at the entrance of El Caletón, there is a restaurant to round off your visit, although the choice of places to eat multiplies in the town centre, one of the most visited spots of northern Tenerife.

Charcos de Los Silos

IMG_0977 charco Los Chochos

The coastline of Los Silos is riddled with pools. The one known as La Araña owes its name to the spider crabs (cangrejo araña, n.d.t.) which inhabit the pool and this is also the name of the large beach adjacent to the municipal pools of El Puertito, one of the main local attractions. If we take the dirt track beside the well-known statue of The Whale, which pays tribute to oceans and cetaceans, we find two of the best pools in Tenerife:  Los Chochos and Don Gabino, conveniently predisposed for use and oases of sun and salt. The views of Mount Teide, La Culata cliffs and Monte del Agua are the ideal complements. Near the municipal pools of El Puertito, although towards the busy coastal town of La Caleta de Interián, we find the Agua Dulce beach leading up to another three pools well worth visiting:  El Inglés, El Cumplido and El Juaniquín in La Caleta, a town famous for its seafood and rice restaurants.

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