Paul, George and Ringo visited Puerto de la Cruz in 1963. They swam in Playa Martiánez, which still keeps the essence of former times


1.- Is there anything left of the Puerto de la Cruz visited by the three Liverpudlians?

Paul, George and Ringo visited Puerto de la Cruz in 1963. They swam in Playa Martiánez, which still keeps the essence of former times; they took pleasure in the swimming pools of the then-called Lido San Telmo which, despite renovations, still conserves the central island where they were photographed; and they drank coffee in the Bar Dinámico of Plaza del Charco, which also continues open in the same place and even with the same name.

2.- What visits do you recommend to get to know this popular destination?

Any part of this tourist town has charm, even if Puerto de la Cruz is famous as tourist destination not only on account of the places to visit, but also of the possibility of interacting with the locals and our fantastic climate all year round. These are our great strengths: the contact between tourists and locals and a climate which allows you to enjoy the town any time of the year. Rather than places, I would opt for urging you to live experiences, whether cultural, culinary, sports, festive, etc.

3.- Which magical spot is going to make us fall in love with Puerto de la Cruz?

The renewed district of La Ranilla, the fishermen’s quarter of Puerto de la Cruz, which pools the typical old homes of the fishermen with a magnificent choice of places to eat and the possibility of visiting  “Puerto Street Art”, an open-air museum consisting in impressive murals painted by world-renowned artists on the walls of the local houses.


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