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NUB (San Cristóbal de La Laguna). This section of Tenerife Express dedicated to restaurant recommendations cannot but mention a brand new Michelin star (the sixth for the Island).   Andrea Bernardi and Fernanda Fuentes – he Roman, she Chilean – reconcile tradition with discerning technique and dishes which are deep-rooted in their cultures.  While waiting for a change of premises, both offer a very special proposal where fusions result in surprises such as the “Canary truffle”, garum (the sauce of the Roman Empire) or a re-visitation of ‘chuño’ or freeze-dried potato in the form of the mentioned truffle.


Address: Pending change

Information: 922 07 76 06


Noi (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). Roast octopus with thick chilli sauce and local bacon; suckling black pig with fermented carrots, orange-peel purée and chestnuts; roast scallops with beer yeast butter and soy, artichoke purée and herring roe… Noi, headed by local chef Pablo Amigó, is quite a discovery with its highly personal flair, making it stand out in the general new-found effervescence of Santa Cruz. This is a singular and discerning concept with few tables and much talent. Highly recommendable.

Pichón Noi

Address: Calle de Santa Teresita, nº 3, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Bookings: 822 25 75 40


NIELSEN (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). If mentioning Andrea Bernardi and Fernanda Fuentes was a must, then so is the return of Danny Nielsen to Santa Cruz. Number 9 of Callejón del Combate are light and airy premises, with a proposal which regales diners without sleight of hand. A velouté (sort of cream) of black potato with mushroom ravioli can be incomparable when, furthermore, there is warm smoked fish, aged meats of the highest quality, premium cheeses and an entire culinary universe at your fingertips.  Don’t miss the herring tartar with a glass of champagne or a shot of Danish aquavit.

Bacalao confitado Nielsen

Address: Callejón del Combate, 9, Santa Cruz

Bookings: 822 102 364


Gastro AIE (El Sauzal). It started out as a promising example of the new reserve of local chefs and today it is a reality. Chef Omar Bedia continues to excel with a cuisine which combines dishes that are striking both to the eye and to the taste buds, while also showing deep knowledge and expertise in handling local produce.  Keep track of this chef who is out of the ordinary and whose menu right now includes magnificent roasted rice with scarlet shrimp with baby octopus and sauce, the AIE beef stew and an excellent Pelibuey lamb lasagne with gravy béchamel, pickled tomatoes and mature cheese. It has a good selection of Tenerife wines.

Lasaña de cordero AIE

Address: Av. Inmaculada Concepción, 58, El Sauzal

Bookings: 922 56 05 82


Ceviche de Pulpo Ayoze Quintero

Bodega Casa Tafuriaste (La Orotava). This is just one of those places that shouldn’t be missed when you are touring the Island, especially the north.  Ayoze Quintero, who now has all the credentials to rank among the top chefs of the Canaries, prepares a range of dishes which, together with the wonderful premises, décor and atmosphere, lures diners into an extraordinary state of placidity.   Quintero is a master at combining spices and oriental roots with Canary specialities: ceviche-style octopus or the German potato salad with herring and mint-chocolate are extraordinary. Then there are the astounding cocktails.

Calabaza Tafuriaste

Address: Calle Las Candias, N° 29, La Orotava

Bookings: 922 19 98 19

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