This is where relaxation begins

La Gomera
Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Diego Delso
Foto vía Wikipedia Commons: Diego Delso

La Gomera – with its entire surface listed as Biosphere Reserve – is waiting for you so that, once on the island, you can immediately start to relax.  Far from any mass tourist destination, over 600 kilometres of paths, friendly locals, natural and healthy typical food, blue skies and peaceful beaches warmly welcome you so you can soothingly enjoy each of its spots.

Explore the Garajonay National Park which, with its 4000 hectares, is the best living example of the forests which dominated Europe 65 million years ago. It is a luxury which allows you to connect with the lushest of vegetations.

If you are looking for somewhere to wind down and relax, La Gomera is the place for you.

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