Brunelli’s (Puerto de la Cruz). Textures and excellence. Tender and juicy cuts with a range of authentic flavours for those who have a partiality for meat: tenderloin, chateaubriand, American fillet steak, T-bone steak, porterhouse… This surprising establishment in Punta Brava – opposite Loro Parque- was conceived as an American steak house with a quest for perfection, not only in the aging on the premises but also in the raw material and preparation, reflecting a passion for selecting the most prestigious livestock from Galicia, Ávila, Toledo and, of course, the United States.  Lamb chops and shoulders also achieve excellence thanks to the features of one of the only two prototype ovens in Spain.  Brunelli’s wine cellar is discerningly stocked.

Brunellis 1

Address: Calle Bencomo, 50, Puerto de la Cruz; bookings: 922 062 600


El Churrasco (Costa Adeje). Flagship of Gran Canaria eating based on selected meats and proprietary wines, the owners disembarked one day in another emblematic spot in southern Tenerife, namely the former El Patio restaurant (Hotel Jardín Tropical). Mario Gil is the theorist behind a concept which has made this name synonymous to excellence. In the nineties, Gil left his native Colombia to study in the Complutense University of Madrid and that’s where it all started. The supply of meat for this franchise comes from Estancia Ganadera San Carlos (around 277 kilometres from Buenos Aires, Argentina) which ensures the standards and quality control at origin of around 3,000 head of Aberdeen-Angus cattle. Proprietary wines, olive oil, charcoals and, to round it up – as in all superlative meals – coffee from his native land, which comes from the small estate of his grandmother Regina, who lends her name to the select product. High standards support the variety and flavours of a meat proposal which can often be insipid in this area of the islands.

El Churrasco (firmar Abocados)

Address: Calle Gran Bretaña, Adeje; bookings: 922 789 761


Mesón Castellano (Playa de Las Américas). Suckling pig, what suckling pig! Rubia Gallega veal… and the wine cellar a veritable wonder of labels. A cathedral of good food in the south where each day – and you only have to look at the tables – the gourmet ritual is reproduced, visible as soon as you walk in:  aromas of classic cuisine, of grilled meat, the bustle of waiters – more than thirty people make up the team.  The premises are practically full to the brim, indicative of always delicious food. The turnover of tables during the entire day is quite a spectacle. For those escorting meat fans, who also want to enjoy their meal, there are plenty of Mediterranean dishes, not to mention Canary specialities and those of the Atlantic made with only the best ingredients: chickpeas with scarlet shrimp, Cantabrian anchovies, black wreckfish ceviche with avocado…

Cochinillo Mesón Castellano

Address: Avenida Antonio Domínguez, 38-40, Playa de la Américas; bookings: 922 796 305


Casa Nila (El Sauzal).  Meat lovers assure that the cuts eaten here are of the highest quality and have a unique flavour. With origin in France, Chile, Ireland, Nebraska… the raw material is essential to brandish a speciality – meat, together with other delicious proposals that the guest can enjoy together with unforgettable surroundings in a typical Canary house renovated for the pleasure of good food.   This establishment in El Sauzal, therefore, can boast selected meats as its flagship, without forgetting light and fresh dishes such as tuna ceviche, Treviso cheese risotto or Mediterranean aubergine.

Casa Nila

Address: La Constitución, 1. El Sauzal; bookings: 922 099 864


Casa Fito (Chimiche). In addition to visiting the picturesque town of Granadilla de Abona and strolling along its streets, this restaurant of southern Tenerife is going to give us an extra dose of pleasure at the table via the mastery of its chef, Fito (Filiberto), who clearly believes in simplicity armed with straightforward and genuine flavours, which is clearly perceptible in his meat dishes.  The establishment has undergone a series of transformations, including the incorporation of maître d’ Roberto Castro (who worked in Berasategui’s MB with two Michelin stars) and impressive dishes: the egg hash already says a lot for the chef.  The unmissable steak tartar heralds treats such as grilled Galician beef ribeye steak or chop, in addition to rack and Iberian pork shoulder. This restaurant is a sure bet with a more than interesting wine list.

Casa Fito T Ex 2

Address: Carretera General del Sur, 4, Chimiche; bookings: 922 777 279

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